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Your basic camper- Joe

Hey you!

There is something you need to know about me. I love reading people. I’m a people watcher, okay? So, guess what?! I’ve done some camping lately. I know… shocker, right? I gotta say. It’s during camping, that I find the most interesting people. So, now… Based on all of my people watching, I have discovered- Joe, the basic camper. Who is that? You might ask. Well, let me tell you.

1) Shoots you with a greeting

Joe is someone who NEEDS to greet you. Do you know him? No. Will he start a conversation with you when you pass his RV? YES! So, what will you talk about? It starts with hello usually. The rest is completely random. The conversation can start with discussing the text on your shirt and end with going over the weather forecast for tomorrow. What ever it is, just smile and act like your’e talking to that relative you don’t see that often.

2) Five star camping only

While you’re trying to make yourself believe, that your tent is super comfortable, Joe drives by your camping ground with he’s 30 feet long hotel on wheels. With he’s smiling wife next to him, he has he’s one hand on the wheel and other in the air, waving you hello. You better wave back, cause you WILL bump into him again. You will!

It’s beautiful BUT…

3) Compares everything with previous trips

While people are looking at a stunning scenery. Joe, HAS to let everyone know, he’s been places. He might say something like: “I agree…. this is a beautiful lake!” It doesn’t end there though. He absolutely has to add: “Now, you should go to Canada… Jasper or Panff national parks. Now, those are truly something to see!” If you get excited to let him know, you’ve also been places. Don’t!! He will always come up with new places to compare your trips to.

4) Gives warnings like a true park ranger

We all know he’s not a park ranger. We’re just not sure he does though. Maybe in Joe’s head, after so many camping trips he feels like he’s qualified to go over all the safety procedures. What do you do when you encounter a bear? Sounds like he’s got it in the bag with those animals.  So much so that he can probably leave he’s bear spray at home, as a decoration… next to he’s yeti cup, that stands on his nightstand.

5) Nr five is for you to fill in the comments below

Ooooh please, if you recognize basic camper- Joe. Let me know. 
It might be your dad, your neighbor. Maybe you recognized yourself?! 😀  That means you should know to add characteristics that  I forgot to mention. So go ahead… Add the 5th one yourself.

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