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I’m not a gear geek. I used to work in a camera store selling photo equipment but it’s not really my jam to discuss the latest cameras and lenses. I’ve noticed that the photography industry has a little bit of a fast fashion vibe and I don’t like it… LOOK, all I want to say is: a great photo is not as great as the camera and lens. That being said I know what works for me and it’s pretty simple 😀


35mm 1.4

This is it. Thats all I need. The other lenses are just to make me look more like a photographer. Haa kidding. But this is my favorite lens. 35mm is the closest to what human eye sees. I like if for its documentary style and versatile use.





 85mm 1.4

This nugget I usually pull out in weddings. Anything that requires me to NOT be in your face, this lens will take care of it. I also use it for the isolation from the background that it provides. Shooting through crowds to get photos of people or using it to isolate big groups/families from the background.






105mm 2.8 macro

I use this lens little. Mostly weddings. Ring shots. Dress details. Why I like it though is cause I can use it as a telephoto lens for the cases when 85mm wont reach my subject. Ya dig?







Nikon D600 Full Frame DSLR


Seems to be a good camera. I like it for the duo SD card slot. That way I can have an automatic backup system while shooting. Battery is really strong. Max ISO I use comfortably on this camera is 6400. I like it for the grain it gives in low light.





Practica MTL3 35mm Film Camera

This is your basic film camera. I carry this around to test and grab experimental and rad shots in between DSLR photos. I have a 50mm 1.8 lens on the film famera.






Rolls of 35mm film


Testing with different film rolls is exciting and  is also the reason why I love shooting on film. So far my favorite has been Fujifilm X-Tra 4oo



Extra crap

Extra batteries … Loads of SD cards… Business cards… Snicker bars… Lens dust blower thingy…. Pug spray(at times)








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