What an adventure

This is where i'LL
BE ...

Right now - Brisbane
14 May- Estonia
03-10 June- Greece


I'm   glad
you're   here! !

What an adventure

Kali and Merritt

Join me for a second. Think of life as a journey.

Every day, as a new possibility to spice it up a bit. Every new opportunity, as a curve on the road, that might have something sweet waiting.

I feel like Kali and Merritt do a great job with taking most out of their journey together. Filling their time with spontaneous trips and adventures together. Maybe craziest adventure from all: moving to Montana and starting  a new life together.

What an adventure,

this slow journey to find you,

what a winding road

-Tyler Knott Gregson

Embrace the unknown

Taivo Aarna

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