You know that "Save the date" card that you send off to your friends before the wedding? The one that they stick on the fridge out of excitement. I mean every time they get another scoop of their  favorite yogurt, they are actually subconsciously  getting hyped for your wedding. How epic is it that I get to document events that are so collectively hyped up.

save the date

people had the best time. They still talk about it, because it's such a lovely memory. That photo I will always keep in my mind. I will always remember that my job is simply just to document the happening


best photo I ever took

I used to work in a camera store. I was honest to peoples needs. If I saw they didn't need too fancy of a camera I told them to get a cheaper one. I didn't make much from the bonus system BUT people appreciated my honesty.  TELL YOU WHAT! I want my photo clients to know why they are hiring me. Get to know me. Look through my blog. Follow me on Insta. See if you really like me :D

I know I'm not the only one

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All brides look 
like models 
on their 
            wedding day

love quote 

pieces of my life are scattered around