Unique wedding idea- A Vintage Caravan Bar


Unique wedding idea- A Vintage Caravan Bar

Y’all… Let me tell you why I am making this post. I have been in few weddings now that have hired a caravan bar. I think it’s such a brilliant idea. So much so that I wanted to suggest you consider hiring one for your wedding. Hear me out: 


It’s mobile

It does not matter where you’re gonna have your wedding ceremony. You can wheel the bar to the location and the party can start. I love that, cause it gives you more freedom to choose a unique location for your wedding. 


One less thing to worry about

Caravan bars usually come with Barmen. They serve the drinks, keep up the party atmosphere and most importantly CLEAN UP after and during the reception. All you have to do is provide the alcohol and they will legit worry about the rest. 


It’s a centrepiece 

From what I have seen, caravan bars attract people. It is an amazing vocal point for wedding receptions and keeps the people in one spot. It creates a area where people mingle and chat. That possibly is my favorite part about caravan bars. 


Have you been to a wedding with a caravan bar? Is it just me who is a fan? 

If you are considering in hiring one for your wedding. My friend Nathan operates one. Just tell him Taivo sent you. He knows what that means lol  ( https://www.horizonbar.com.au/ )


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  1. Sandra Rogers says:

    Love this idea!! If I was there, I’d have a vow renewal and definitely use the traveling bar/centerpiece ❤️

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