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Snowy Day- Home Couple Session

Snowy Day- Home Couple Session

Käthlin and Marko

Snowy streets of Karlova, Tartu.

The rich colors of Fall still peaking through the snow.

Early morning. People pass us fast, trying not to be late for work.

And then there’s us: Walking up and down the street. Not with a particular destination in mind.

My idea was to photograph the streets of Käthlin and Marko’s first home together.

After that was wrapped up- Marko built a fire in the fireplace, while Käthlin

tried to calm down the cat who was doing back flips out of fear of

the unknown photographer person.

Overall, after the fire was going, everyone calmed down.

I even got the cat to look in the camera 😀

Great Success

Taivo Aarna


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