Saaremaa Couple Session

Betti and Karl

As young couples, people tend to move around. I started thinking. What an honor it is to document a chapter of someone’s life. It’s interesting how fast memories come alive by looking at photos. They truly are the closest thing to a time machine.  I encourage couples to let different chapters of their lives be documented. Because, listen… How many times we say: Woo…  That was 5 years ago? Where has the time gone? Now, I don’t have the answer to that question, but I sure as heck know, that I’d wanna to go back and see the moments and people I care about in the photos I have.

But anyways… These are the things that came in mind before I took photos of Betti and Karl. I want you to look at the photos I took and tell me one thing. Is it easy to tell that Betti is terrified of heights? (let me know in the comments) And hey… maybe in 5 years they will both look back at these photos on top of Mount Everest and laugh. Or maybe not 😀

-Taivo Aarna




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