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Reasons I am thankful

Reasons I am thankful

I read a book!! I don’t know why I said it, like I expect to get an award for it, but hear me out.

So, I was on youtube years ago and came upon this TED talk about the Power of vulnerability. The person giving the talk was Brene Brown. Now, if you know nothing about her, all you really need to know is that she knows what she’s talking about. Why? Well, she is a research professor and has spent most her life studying things like: courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. Stuff that I have a very tiny understanding of. So, I read her book: Dare to Lead. Now, I don’t want to get into the book too much, but I wanted to share this simple idea with you that I took away from this book.

Practicing gratitude. There is no “attitude of gratitude”- it’s an actual practice. Keep a journal, make a note on what you’re grateful for on your phone, or share it with a family member. 

So,  I thought to myself. How can I do this in a way where I actually take it seriously. What better way to do it, then to write a blog post on my dead blog. So, here we go:



  • Health- Have you ever had a stuffy nose. You can’t breathe, you feel sick and think back at the time when you were well. You could breathe through your nose then and feel like you took it for granted. Well, why do we do that? At this moment, my body works, I am healthy and I am thankful for it.


  • Friends who help you grow as a person- That’s the thing, most of us have friends, even good friends. But friends who keep you accountable, who ask the awkward questions, who don’t let you whine about life. Those are the best ones out there. I am thankful to have friends like that.


  • Realizing I acted wrong- Ugh the worst feeling, but so necessary. Moments where you understand you have been a poop head to someone and you have to own up to your actions to fix it and move on. I am actually thankful for those moments of guilt, because they push me for action and change.


  • Amazing parents- I am blessed to have parents who had their kids needs in front of theirs at all times. Parents who, every time you left the house sent you out by saying: “May Gods angels protect you where ever you go!” I am thankful that my parents raised me to know the right from wrong. Now it’s up to me if I listen 😀 They did their job though.


  • The Office, coffee, cookies, beautiful nature– Just as thankful I am for everything above, I am very thankful for all these things.


So here it is. Once you start thinking of stuff you’re thankful for it starts coming to you easier and easier. You should try it. Ooh, and if you’re not shy, you should share one thing that you are thankful for with me.


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  1. Kadri Mürk says:

    Hi 🙂 I have a had a hard time accepting my living situation. I`m a working student, renting a very small studio apartment. Sometimes I get so frustrated and can´t wait for the time when I finish school and move out! But…I need to remember the time when I was looking for a place to live – I have to be grateful that I found this place. I am thankful for the roof over my head 🙂

    And I also very much enjoy Your photography!

    • taarna says:

      Wow, this is a powerful reminder. Thank you for sharing. True, we want all these things and once we have them, we take it as: well, thats the way it’s suppose to be. But actually noticing when your wishes come true, now thats a skill I want to master.

  2. Mr x says:

    I am thankful that you once took time for me to teach some tricks about 📸. Yeah!

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