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Mom and dad Zákynthos- Olive trees couple session

Mom and dad Zákynthos- Olive trees couple session

Mom and Dad

As much as my dad hates traveling, there is no power known to man, that can keep him from smiling when he is in nature. Plants, trees, berries, fruits, you name it. Sure, he can try and hide the excitement, but you can see that he is enjoying himself. The villa that we stayed in, had a olive garden behind the house. I saw him explore that area more then few times. All I could see,  when I glanced at the garden at sunset, was how powerful it would be to document my parents under the great, old olive trees. I mean… years and years of marriage. Five kids, soon to be 9 grand kids later you deserve to relax and be thankful for God. Thankful for a fruitful life, full of so many beautiful blessings. Taivo Aarna

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