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I never stopped- Kings beach

I never stopped- Kings beach

That is crazy!

I didn’t know you used to do karate. Why did you stop? I can’t believe how many times I’ve had conversations like this with people. Conversations where my friend tells me they used to be really good at something but they stopped because life happened. My immediate reaction is: No! Imagine how good you’d be had you never stopped?

I just picked up surfing. I’m not sure if that will be something I’ll actually get good at but who knows. All I know is before coming to Australia I wrote down a short to- do list in my Moleskine and first on the list was: learn surfing. I want it to be something I can look back at and say: I never stopped. Okay, so what is that one thing that you can point back to in your life and say I never stopped? Mine would be photography. Somehow I always kept taking photos. I went from whispering: “I’m a photographer” to giving out business cards and saying: “Can’t wait to hear from you!” I know I’m not the best out of all the photographers but what I know is this: My success and passion are in no way connected to other photographers. Why? Cause what ever happens, I will never stop 😀

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