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I like it when owl goes: Hoo Hoo!

I like it when owl goes: Hoo Hoo!

What? What the heck are you yapping about Taivo? Okay, I understand your frustration 😀 What is the whole point of this blog post? As random as I am, I actually have a simple point that I want to make. For weeks I found myself telling people that I want to go camping. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried getting your friends to be as hyped about something as you are, but at times it is as hard as playing pingpong with raw eggs. It is messy and annoying.

So, what am I saying? I want to do what I am fired up about. If I like the sound owls make, I will go in the forest at night and wait silently. If the smell of peppermint makes me smile, I will plant my own peppermint. If I like the way ukulele sounds, I will get a cheap one and learn how to play it on youtube. Come on! Let us be more random and not wait for someone to approve and join in our ideas.

What is the most random thing you’ve done lately?  Share it in the comments. Do it! 😀


I always forget something. This time I forgot my gas burner. This will do though.

I am blessed to have a dad who grows his own tea plants. Fresh peppermint, straight from my back yard.

Love good gear. I can easily add a rain cover on this tent, but on this beautiful night I enjoyed staring at the fire from my bed.

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  1. Tahlia says:

    I love you

  2. Romeo says:

    I one time go to forest with bois so random but so much good fun ahh the owl then does hoo hoo and I smile big. If rain come is all good I think land like rain so i don’t worry much just smile is good.

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