Great Family gift idea


Great Family gift idea

You want to give your loved one a family photography session with me?

Hooray! Now you can!  As people kept asking for gift cards I knew I had to provide them.

I wanted to offer more then tacky gift cards, so here’s what I did:


Gift card can’t look tacky

I’m not a fan of gift cards having fill in lines. Mine are designed by me and printed by @yesterdaycreative on beautifully textured white quality paper. You don’t have to ruin the luxurious gift card by signing it with your name. I have added a rustic looking post card by @1924us outside the package for you to personalize.

Size matters a little bit

I didn’t want people to just receive a sheet of paper, so I turned my gift cards into gift packages. Every package is stylishly wrapped and added to the gift card is a @whitegrovehouse hand carved photo frame made of mango wood. If you give my “Dream Team” session as a gift, I wanna make sure it’s not so thin that the wind will blow it away.

A gift that is a collab

I wanted this to be a collab between me, the person who purchases my service to give as a gift and the family the gift package gets gifted to. I want the family to open the package not knowing what’s waiting for them. I want excitement that lasts till the day I meet the lucky recipients of my free “Dream Team” session.



Give “Dream Team” Session as a gift? A simple email will do 😀




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