Grand Teton Couple Session

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Grand Teton Couple Session

Kali and Merritt

I was walking around in Reykjavik airport on an overnight layover, couple weeks ago, and found a book. It was laying on the table at an empty Joe & the Juice. Sure, the book was horribly boring with enough drama I could drown in it.  It didn’t stop me from finish it though. At the end of this sadly boring paperback, a quote stood out for me. Those who don’t move, don’t notice their chains.  It reminded me not to just talk about what I wanna do, but to actually do it. The couple you see in these photos. I love them for that. They are always ready for an adventure. They don’t sit around at home and talk about how they wanna go camping. They do it. I feel like God awards people who get in the wild.

Morning air. Rising sun. Sleepy eyes, staring at the mountains in the distance. Walking on the chilly ground.

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