Family Style Guide


Family Style Guide

Hello dear parents

Booking a family photographer is probably as easy as easy gets. What is often stressful, is everything around planning and putting one together.

How, where, when, wearing what? ALL THESE QUESTIONS! Okay… Let’s breathe in and out together.  Lets start removing stress slowly. Starting with clothing. Here are some useful tips to help you put together the most rad outfits for your “Dream Team”



Matchy‑matchy is not always the right way. I say be bold with your mixing and matching. The key word here is BALANCE. When doing light and dark tones make sure both tones are in balance 🟠🟤 It helps to lay the clothes out on the floor to get a full picture. Mixing and matching means using dark pants on one child and light on other. Dark top on one and lighter on other. So it all looks cohesive from head toe. 




When looking for tones I say go with neutral and earthy colors. That does not limit you to only green. Use pastel colors and bring in the tones from the environment that you’ll be taking photos in. 




Just cause you are getting photos taken doesn’t mean you have to dress yourself in latest fashion. Wear timeless clothes with no logos overpowering patterns and you’ll look great. It’s more about removing distracting items from the things you wear. 




If your kids like dressing up or they style themselves in interesting ways, with a bit of guidance you can use that on your family session. I’ve seen kids put together some cool outfits and styles and how awesome would it be to have a bit of that on your family photoS




Sorry, but my goal is not to keep your children on a leash when taking your family photos. I want my families to have fun. I want the kids to get dirty and parents to go with it. Keeping that in mind don’t let clothing stop us from making that happen. Dress for fun and play. 

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