Little one is hugging moms leg with tears in her eyes. Oldest kid is standing, arms crossed, two feet away from everyone. Mom is nervous and dad wants to go home and watch football. Perfect, we can start. I got this! 

Would highly recommend Taivo!! Taivo made this session so much fun for the kids and us! He give clear direction and puts your mind at ease. He’s creative and fresh! We loved ALL of the photos!

Muller family

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TAIVO is very refreshing to work with! Our photos were taken in a natural setting, and I really love that idea! All the smiles, tantrums and laughters were captured by this cool guy! I would love to do this session again, every year with Taivo!  I highly recommend, Taivo!

Valdes family

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You are a team. Together, stronger than ever. In a world where people show off money, fame and things with not true meaning, let's use the power of your team. Let's show off: unity, connection and love.


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I offer stunning Family gift packages. What's in it?

- "Dream Team" session gift card
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