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Estonian Backyard Wedding

Estonian Backyard Wedding

Talvi and Andrus

Ok. Careful Taivo. You wanna make sure you do this wedding justice.

That’s what was on my mind when I shot this Intimate Backyard wedding.

I mean… getting married, just the two of them, in the shade of  a great lively tree.

Could you come up with a better idea?!

Talvi and Andrus had all the time in the world, to enjoy their sunny Summer day.

To take it slow. To savor the taste of the cake that the bride had made… carefully placing

berries in place, until late at night, the night before. To appreciate every detail that they

had put work into. Gotta love wild hearts like this.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love

(1Cor 13:13)


Taivo Aarna






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  1. Sandra Rogers says:

    Taivo, I love your work, I like be your passion. These photos capture the moment, the couple and your talent. Beautiful couple and some of your best awesome work.

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