Who is gonna say it first this time? I bet it's the girl. And here it goes: Oh, by the way, we can't pose! To that I say: Hooray! I'm glad you don't pose. That gives us freedom to have so much fun and I can actually document your bond just the way it is.

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I always thought I would feel super awkward in a photoshoot but Taivo is professional, hilarious and somehow makes your most awkward movements look good. You can tell he really loves what he is doing

Roni and Joseph

Taivo made us laugh while making us wheel through shrubby terrain and anticipated every perfect sunset position with confidence. I was concerned that if I had to be part of a staged shoot that I'd look awkward in the pictures but I was so wrong! Natural laughter was seen in almost every shot! If you're thinking about using Taivo STOP and just book this guy!

Neity and Brad

Taivo is honestly the best photographer. To document a spontaneous proposal in the middle of a couple session is art on its own. We will set our wedding date according to your availability

Britten and Siim

Taivo is an outstanding photographer. To say he went above and beyond in his work would still be an understatement. He is easy to work with, and pays attention to both the big and small details.

Kali and Merritt

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Two people, in love, bound by strong bond. You are simple and laid-back. You love the outdoors. Ooh also, you're awkward in front of the camera. Is that you? This tends to be the kind of  couples I attract so if you recognized yourself, you better book me asap :D 


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