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Coffee shop with a mission

Coffee shop with a mission

I was walking on the streets of Brisbane Australia. It’s a new city for me. The best I can do is TRY and walk in a way where at least I look like someone who has a plan in life. I gave my legs one task: Take me to a coffee shop, where I can do work on my computer and enjoy a freakin amazing cup of coffee…

“Shout-out to my legs, because they didn’t let me down!”

The Brunswick Project is where my legs took me. After I was seated by a friendly waitress and had a creamy Flat White in my strong grip (I can make myself sound strong….this is MY blog) I did some research. Check it:


It is always amazing to meet people who stand for something. It’s even better when you find businesses that do the same. So, that’s the case with this cafe. Jimmy Williams is the owner of The Brunswick Project. Women’s Legal Service is a charity close to Jimmy’s heart, and he has given generously of his time and out of his back pocket over the years. It’s an organisation that offers Free legal help for women in Queensland with domestic violence, complex family law and sexual assault notes counselling privilege matters.   It’s cool to see that, as a company owner, he uses he’s platform, not only to advertise he’s business but to bring awareness to problems that are on he’s heart. AAAAnyways… I was so inspired by this coffee shop that I had to make a blog post about it.

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