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Bohemian Couple Shoot in Vapramäe

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Bohemian Couple Shoot in Vapramäe

Agnes and Riho

I was sitting in a coffee shop. I do that at times. I don’t know, maybe I just like the fact that I can do work on my computer but still be a part of society 😀 So, anyways. As I was doing my thang, I saw this couple ordering coffee. I thought to myself: they look kinda cool. So what did I do? I placed my coffee cup down, along with my Estonian shyness and went and approached the couple. “I’m a photographer. Let’s take photos” I said. Handing them my business card and never expecting to hear from them again, I took off. Back to the comfort of my lukewarm coffee. Luckily, the cool couple contacted me and I got to photograph them and their awesomeness.

Taivo Aarna


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