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I want you to know this:

Hey all you rad families. I want to assume that you have opened this blog post cause you have some interest in my photography. Here are  few thing about my approach to FAMILY photography:

  • I don’t want to create same old same old
  • I do not copy paste someone elses ideas or copy photos off Pinterest
  • I want your family photos to make sense. When your friends look at them they can say: “aah thats so THEM!”

So how!? How exactly do we manage to take photos of your family in a way that it is unique and true to who you are? It is actually pretty simple. Here are few guidelines that I set up to help us put together a rad family session for you.

1. Build the session around a theme

At times I let families tell me words that describe how their kids have fun. Beach? Board games? Movies? Nature? Camping? Any word that you could think of helps me come up with a theme. MOVIES … Well what’s your favorite movie? Can we maybe create a family session that has Harry Potter vibes? See how easy it is?

2. Build the session around a activity

Some families have activities they like doing together. Like going to the beach or playing tag in the back yard. What ever it is. I can always create a family session around that theme. Say you enjoy going to the beach? Examples of activities would be:  Who builds the highest sand castle? Spell your last name on the sand backwards. Draw a line in the sand and see who jumps the furthest etc. I am actually the king of distracting kids to thinking we are not taking photos 😀

3. Dress neutral and true to who you are

This is so important. This is what Pinterest is for. Pick few (about 3)  neutral colors that you will use on your family. Earthy and pastel colors always work together. SIMPLE ALWAYS LOOKS COOL. If you need to get few shirts or pants specially for your photos- do it. Spend that extra 70$ at Target. Use colors and fits that your kids would actually feel comfortable in.

4. Come as you are

Yeah look. There is no perfect moment for photos. If you have a teenager who is complicated or a kid who is shy. You don’t have to wait for a perfect day when the stars align an all that crap 😀 Just come as you are and we will figure it out. I am here to work through all sorts of families and I find joy in that challenge. The complications might just be what makes your family session EXCITING and unique.

5. Let the kids have a voice

One option to having a exciting family session is to see what your kids wanna do as fun. Sometimes kids come up with the most random and amazing ideas. Let’s be honest, most of us grownups don’t remember what its like to find climbing trees and doing somersaults cool.  Be prepared for me to let kids take lead during our session. I guess you will see what I mean when you actually have me take your photos 😀

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