Hey ,   that's   me

I like: Forests, filter coffee, harmonizing, handstands, idea of reading(not actually doing it), camp fires, awkward moments, thrillers
I don't like: Cigarette buds, naps longer then 45min, singing off key, duck faces, 

My mom said I can take photos. Who knew 10 years later I´d find myself on a plane flying to document weddings across the ocean. 

Who AM I?


Music, music, music!! 
I'm that person who leaves the "What song is that?" comments on the internet. What ever, follow me on spotify :D 

I served in the military for a year. It made me love the outdoors even more then I did before

My favorite band is ZacBrown band. Favorite song: Colder Weather. Take a listen.

I spend a lot time watching van life and tiny house videos on youtube.

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Right now - Brisbane, Australia

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The Ballad of Buster Scruggs


pieces of my life are scattered around