Hey ,   that's   me

I like: Pine Trees, Hiking, Camp Fires, Drinking Coffee, Rambling About Life And Photographing Strong Bonds
I don't like: Wearing a suit and Eating Mushrooms

I'm an international wedding photographer from Estonia. I specialize in Outdoor couples sessions. I would explain my style to be Simple and Carefree.

Who AM I?

Hello, I'm Taivo.

I try to taste local coffee everywhere I go. I drink aeropress coffee every morning. Anyways, you get it. I love coffee.

I served in the military for a year. It made me love the outdoors even more then I did before

My favorite band is ZacBrown band. Favorite song: Colder Weather. Take a listen.

I spend a lot time watching van life and tiny house videos on youtube.

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Right now - Brisbane, Australia

Great Finds

Cold Press Coffee

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Heart Attack - Wild Rivers

pieces of my life are scattered around