9 clever ways to save money on your wedding


9 clever ways to save money on your wedding

There are couples who have to wait to get married cause weddings are such a financial blow below the belt.  I also know couples who managed to do it on a budget. Here’s some tips on how they did just that. Let me know if you find this helpful. 


1. Wedding venue is not a must

Before you throw a lot of money on a fancy wedding venue think outside the box for a second. Maybe you have friends who live in the country with property. Maybe you can rent airbnb with land around to throw your wedding at. You’d be surprised what opens up when you do some asking around. People would love to host a cool wedding on their land. This might save you thousands of dollars. 

2. Do your own makeup and hair

Okay brides! Let’s be real. Most of you can do your own makeup and know how to do it well. You know your own face better then anyone else. You got plenty of time to practice before the wedding day. The same applies for hair. There are endless videos on Youtube teaching just that. I have documented few weddings where the bride has done her own makeup without having gone through makeup school. It is doable and you CAN DO IT! This might save you up to 500AUD.

3. Get a custom made dress

This might sound expensive but I’ve heard brides getting much better deals and unique looking dresses from ETSY, than you would get in your local boutique shop. The key is to start looking early and give the dress maker plenty of time. Also, many brides get their dresses second hand by doing a bit of online searching.

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4. Loose the fancy cake

Don’t pay for an expensive cake JUST CAUSE that’s what people do. There are so many cheap and unique alternatives. For example I’ve seen doughnut cakes or a fancy pile of pancakes. I’ve seen some weddings where they have fancy cupcakes. The possibilities are endless. Those are the wedding desserts I still remember.


5. Let your friends help

This one is pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many couples refuse help. Maybe they feel like they don’t want to burden their friends or they feel like they will loose control over their wedding. ANYWAYS, the trick is to write down specifically what your friends can help with and give them clear instructions. It’s gonna save you money and time to have  your friends help you carry the burden. So, when your friend asks you if they can help you will say: YES! 

6. Be your own florist

Y’all, flowers are expensive! Consider doing your own flowers. That means browsing Pinterest for ideas and watching couple videos on Youtube. You got this… I promise. Get some greenery in your flower arrangements. It’s inexpensive and easy to play around with. Then, get some more expensive statement flowers to add color and make it look fancy.


7. Wedding website 

Wedding invitations are cool but I would not bother getting them made if you are trying to save money. Most convenient way to give people the necessary info on your wedding is getting a wedding website. Also, you can always update the site with new information. You can make it all cute and personal, giving your guest snippets of what they can expect from the wedding day. 


8. Don’t rent a expensive photo booth

There are some amazing and expensive photo booth options out there. I say skip that and make yours fun, unique and CHEAP instead. Put together a photo booth using few polaroid cameras so people can glue photos in a guest book or hang them on a board. It will be worth it, to make sure every one of your guest leaves their mark on your special day. 

9. Save money on food

People pay a lot for food. That is all good if you have a big budget for your wedding. It is totally fine not to have fine dining at your wedding. Some couples may be afraid of the idea but there are some rad alternatives out there. For example renting a food truck! People carry their own food to the table and you don’t have to pay someone to do it. Also It’s awesome for the guests to mingle and socialize in the line.

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