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Frequently asked questions

We Can't pose, what Do we do?

Ha! This I understand completely. Trust me I am pretty awkward in front of a camera myself. But, Listen. You have nothing to worry. I'm there to make you comfortable. I'm there to guide you to get the results you see in my photos. I explain the way I shoot here.

How much do you charge?

My prices vary by location. Destination weddings and shoots require travel. That's why I don't have prices up on my site. Only way to find out my prices, is to contact me. I will send you all the info via mail. 

How do we pick a location for couples session?

I am always excited to hear suggestions. How-ever, if you want me to pick the location, I am more then willing to do that. 

How do I actually book you?

You find me cool enough to be your photographer. Next step would be to contact me. That's when we can open the communication doors. Fill in the form here and I will reply with some valuable information. 

How long is the waiting time for wedding photos?

It depends on the wedding package. Roughly one month. 

Do you travel for work?

Yes I do. Travel fees will be added to the overall price. If you want more info on this subject. Fill in the contact form and I will get back to you ASAP.

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